My name is María José.  I live in a country house  in Vacarisses, a quiet village situated about 40 km from Barcelona.

In 1994 I started to dedicate myself to the breeding of cats, starting with Persians. In 2001 I acquired my first Ragdoll, and then I began breeding Ragdolls.

I am a member of FIFE/Asfe with the number 1702 "Els Quatre Gats" and i am also a member of TICA with the number 15047 "ELS4GATS" and finally i am also a member of  Ragdoll Fanciers Club International RFCI.

Our cats live together with me in my home. They have access to a quite large garden where they can play, run and jump freely, and sometimes purge themselves with grass. So basically i try to offer them a good life within my possibilities. They also have a quite large enclosed space in the garden with a house of their own.